Josol Photography: Blog en-us (Josol Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:04:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:04:00 GMT Josol Photography: Blog 120 80 The beginning.. I decided to migrate my blog posting here to keep my photography presence on the web consistent. I'll be posting a variety of web thoughts as time permits. 

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Journalistic Style Photography... I had the opportunity trying journalistic style wedding photography this past weekend. I enjoy capturing moments that are spontaneous. It keeps you on your toes trying to anticipate a shot.  Even though this style of shooting is well known and practiced I still would add the standard bridal list shots like the family, ushers, bridesmaids etc. That being said you really need an assistant that knows how to pose and keep the flow going.

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Drag Race Photos... I went to the local quarter mile drag races this weekend and used the Canon 5DMK3. I didn’t know how far I would be from the actual cars so I wanted to be able use my 70-200mm 2.8L for reach. It turned out I could literally stand right next to the cars staging at the line.

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Model Photo Session - Victoria Used various lens ranging from 85mm prime, and 70-200mm. 

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Model Photo Session - Nadejda Model photo session! 

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Alexis and Garrett Wedding... 11/9/2012

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Grandpa Elliot, New Orleans... During our early visits to New Orleans we typically in the French Quarters so we would be walking distance to all the day and night action. Looking back that was a great idea, we got all the tourist attractions out of the way and became very familiar with the surrounding areas. 

This is "Grandpa Elliot" he's a musician that now plays for the street. He's part of the rich New Orleans music history and if you're lucky you can catch him at the corner grocery store playing music. During the early years I would catch him almost every time I went for a photo walk. The recent years I haven't seen him around. 

Grandpa Elliot - ReflectionsGrandpa Elliot - ReflectionsSame photo as previous done in black and white.



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Glen David Andrews... One of my favorite places to hangout is at Frenchmen Street, New Orleans. I was at a local Jazz nightclub and caught this Jazz performer Glen David Andrews set. What a phenomenal horn player with a gifted voice.

Glenn David AndrewsGlenn David AndrewsI took this photo while traveling to New Orleans. This was taken at a dimly lit nightclub called Three Muses, French Street.

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